Fire Extinguishers


08 Nov Fire Doors

Fire doors are crucial for delaying the spread of fire throughout a building Fire doors are essential when it comes to delaying the spread of fire throughout a building.  Effective compartmentalisation is often the difference between losing a room and a whole building. Well maintained fire doors...

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07 Mar Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training, why is this important? Fire extinguisher training should be a vital part of your fire safety plan. A good programme is essential to ensure that injury is not caused by using the wrong extinguisher or in the wrong way. If an extinguisher is used...

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27 Jan Buying A Fire Extinguisher

Is it really cheaper buying a fire extinguisher on the internet? When buying your fire extinguisher on-line it can sometimes look very competitive compared to service providers. However, there are a few things that need to be considered to evaluate the true cost. The product price and delivery...

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06 Aug Fire Extinguishers Guide

Our Fire Extinguishers Guide The Fire extinguishers guide shows that this product is a very important part of fire protection. Various types of extinguisher are available. However it is essential, that the correct fire extinguishers are used in the case of a fire. Points to be aware of when having...

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