05 Nov Christmas Fire Protection

Fire protection for businesses at Christmas When it comes to Christmas Fire Protection most businesses expect increased footfall at this time of the year. Add that to warehouses and retailers processing a higher level of Christmas orders. Spaces can be filled up with boxes and deliveries...

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17 Sep Fire Alarms Durham

Fire Alarms Durham Suppliers & Installers Fire alarms Durham suppliers and installers. When it comes to fire alarms they are an important part of your businesses and its fire safety regulations. No shortcuts should be taken with fire protection. For businesses, the worst nightmare is having their building go up...

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19 Mar Fire Extinguisher Inspections

The importance of fire extinguisher inspections Why fire extinguisher inspections are so important. Although you may not notice fire extinguishers in buildings all buildings and companies should have them. Until there comes a time when you would need to use one you probably don't really think...

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21 Jan Workplace Fire Drills

Workplace Fire Drills Do You Have A Procedure In Place? Workplace fire drills, ensuring you have a procedure in place. As its a new year, it's certainly time to start thinking about procedures for fire drills especially if you don't have them in place. Fire Drills Should Be...

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10 Dec Office Fire Extinguishers

Choosing the right Fire Extinguishers for your office When a fire occurs in your office especially if they are computers in the room, you need to use different types of extinguishers. The difference between a normal extinguisher and one for an office with computers Firstly having the correct...

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28 Sep Warehouse Fire Prevention

Warehouse Fire Safety & Prevention Important information for warehouse fire safety and prevention. Warehouse fires have made the news on numerous occasions. They are devastating for business, not only do they destroy your stock and cause downtime, they are also putting your employees at risk. To help...

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21 Aug Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Should we still be using dry powder fire extinguishers? In recent years we have seen dry powder fire extinguishers start to disappear from premises after the amendment was made to BS5306-8 in 2012. The amendment deals with the selection and placement of fire extinguishers. After this...

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25 Jun Replacing fire extinguishers

Replacing fire extinguishers when is the right time? Replacing fire extinguishers, it's not always easy to know when it is the best time to change them. When well-maintained they can last for twenty years plus, not all extinguishers have an expiry date on them. Regular maintenance,...

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