How often should you have risk assessments carried out


24 Mar How often should you have risk assessments carried out

Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment is something that every company should have in place. It is essential for the safety for all in the individuals and belongings in the building. However the responsibility for the fire risk assessment can often be confusing, this article helps to clear this up.

What are fire risk assessments?

There are multiple steps that should be followed when carrying out a risk assessment. It is typically a 5 step process that needs to be followed sincerely to provide the best safety for your property. The first step is to identify the fire hazards. This could be anything within the property that causes a threat if there was a fire or anything which could cause a fire. The second step is to identify the people at risk. This would be to recognise who lives or works on a property who could be in danger of a fire if the experience was to come real. People who may visit the property need to be considered as numbers are important when it comes to evacuating a building. The third step would be to evaluate all of the data and see where you can remove or reduce the risks to create a safer environment. The fourth step is to create a plan if an emergency did occur. This would be providing training to people in the facility so that they are educated in a scenario that may become true. The final step would be to review the whole plan and update risk assessments regularly. How regularly must you update them may you ask?

How long is regular when it comes to risk assessments?

A fire assessment is something that needs to be completed by law and needs to be updated to be carried out successfully. This relies on a number of different factors. The legislation relating to fire risk assessments don’t specify a time frame of when they need to be updated however it is common sense to keep them up to date. if anything significant changes within a property or workplace then it is crucial that new plans are put in place. Many people review their establishment after a year to ensure that the safety levels have not dropped.


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