Author: Julie Stout


15 Sep Commercial Fire Alarm Replacement

How do you know when your commercial fire alarm needs replacing? As most businesses will know, commercial fire alarms are a compulsory part of your building safety. This fire safety tool keeps you and everyone within the facility safe and protected for any fire hazards, therefore...

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26 Jul Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Fire alarm systems can be something that now many people have knowledge of. This blog is to help all of those who have recently installed and became responsible for fire alarm testing in their property.  Why is fire alarm testing so important? It is...

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19 Jan Fire Safety for Landlords

A scary rise in the neglect of fire safety With an increased number of people renting out places to live, the disregarding of fire safety has risen to a point where it needs to be noticed. Fire safety duties hold great responsibilities especially when you aren’t...

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18 Jul Construction Fire Safety Risks

Fire safety risks in a construction site Construction sites can sometimes be the recipe for disaster, especially in the situation a fire. This can be highly dangerous, not only to delaying the construction on site, but to the workers lives. Construction sites can be especially vulnerable...

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