Commercial Fire Alarm Replacement


15 Sep Commercial Fire Alarm Replacement

How do you know when your commercial fire alarm needs replacing?

As most businesses will know, commercial fire alarms are a compulsory part of your building safety. This fire safety tool keeps you and everyone within the facility safe and protected for any fire hazards, therefore it is vital to ensure you are getting them replaced when necessary.

Why do fire alarms need regular maintenance and replacements?

Fire alarms are most likely the first sense of detection to a fire in your property. Keeping them maintained and new ensures the safety of everyone that enters a property. Regular maintenance is a requirement through local regulations, ensuring that this safety is at its most effective form.

Signs your fire alarm may need a replacement.

  • The manufacturers guide on the time limit the alarm is recommended is about to approach or has passed. Ensure that your alarm does not run past any replacement suggestion dates, this can be dangerous and lead to faults.
  • The system is outdated. Fire alarms are constantly upgrading systems to ensure the best safety possible. If your alarm is getting a little dated, keep in contact with your alarm provider to see if any updates have progressed that would make your site much safer.
  • The alarm no longer meets any code requirements. The regulations of local code are always changing, if your fire alarm doesn’t meet these regulations, it is most likely time for a replacement.
  • There are permanent broken parts. Your fire alarm may have broken components that simply cannot be fixed.
  • You would prefer a cellular system. Many older fire alarms have a phone line system rather than cellular, upgrading to cellular may be a choice you are interested in.
  • You would prefer a voice alarm system and decide that an upgrade is due.

Finally if you would like information regarding your commercial fire alarm, please get in touch. 


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