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Emergency Lighting Installations…

Emergency lighting is for emergencies when the mains power supply is cut off. Mains power supply’s can be cut off generally, due to fire or a power cut. This can lead to darkness, physical danger and panic.

Emergency lighting needs to operate automatically to give illumination of a satisfactory level to enable occupants to evacuate the building safely.

Every building will have its own individual requirements in respect of emergency lighting. The levels of illumination will vary depending on the building and its layout.

If a building is occupied at nighttime, there must be provision made for emergency lighting in all areas.

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Emergency Escape Lighting...

This gives illumination for the safety of people leaving the building or location. An emergency escape lighting system should normally cover the following:

  • All exit doors
  • Escape routes
  • Intersection of the corridors
  • Outside exits and external escape routes
  • Where emergency escape signs are
  • Stairways, floor levels
  • Rooms without windows exceeding 8m2
  • Where fire equipment is placed
  • Fire alarm points
  • Lifts
  • Areas in a building greater than 60m2
Lighting for Escape Routes...

Part of an emergency lighting system, this provides illumination directing people through an escape route.

Standby Emergency Lighting...

This type of emergency lighting system enables people to continue their normal activities. We often see this type in retail outlets and stores when there is a power cut.

LED Emergency Lighting...

LED systems are ideal where energy and cost saving is important. This type of system is becoming the new choice of light source. With the government offering incentives for businesses to switch to low energy products. We are seeing more and more businesses having this type of emergency lighting installed.

Businesses we serve…

  • Local councils
  • Contractors
  • Retailers
  • Factories
  • Commercial Industry
  • Leisure Industry
  • Offices

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