07 Mar Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training, why is this important? Fire extinguisher training should be a vital part of your fire safety plan. A good programme is essential to ensure that injury is not caused by using the wrong extinguisher or in the wrong way. If an extinguisher is used...

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08 Nov Visitor Fire Safety For Your Business

Visitor fire safety guidance for businesses Guidance for businesses with regards to visitor fire safety. The regulatory reform (fire safety order) replaced all other workplace fire safety legislation in 2005. The order brought out a number of changes with regards how businesses should operate. One of these...

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27 Jul Staff Fire Training Courses

Staff Fire Training Courses in the North East The importance of  Staff Fire Training Courses within the workplace.   When employing staff, the actions of your employees could be critical when it comes to the safety of others. Furthermore, in places of work all employees should have basic fire...

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27 Jan Buying A Fire Extinguisher

Is it really cheaper buying a fire extinguisher on the internet? When buying your fire extinguisher on-line it can sometimes look very competitive compared to service providers. However, there are a few things that need to be considered to evaluate the true cost. The product price and delivery...

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23 Nov Fire Safety Courses

The importance of fire safety courses Why fire safety courses are essential for your business? If you are the owner/director of a business or control a commercial property. You are required by law to help protect anyone who works, lives or visits your premises from the threat...

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