Visitor Fire Safety For Your Business


08 Nov Visitor Fire Safety For Your Business

Visitor fire safety guidance for businesses

Guidance for businesses with regards to visitor fire safety.

The regulatory reform (fire safety order) replaced all other workplace fire safety legislation in 2005. The order brought out a number of changes with regards how businesses should operate. One of these changes decreed that the ‘responsible person’ in charge of carrying out fire safety measures, must accommodate everyone on the premises. This stretched beyond employees to customers and any of the public visiting the premises.

Therefore, it is advisable for all businesses to ensure that all their fire safety signage is up to date. Emergency exits, equipment, and signage should be correct, clear and visible at all times.

Although your business may carry out regular fire drills. Visitors to your premises still require visual guidance so they can evacuate quickly and safely in an emergency.

Whilst in some businesses for example retailers, it is not always possible to have a log of who is in the building. However, offices and other workplaces should keep a log of who is on site at all times. Furthermore, it is advisable that all visitors sign in on arrival and out when leaving. This gives the fire marshall a checklist for those assembled outside the building in the event of an evacuation.

In addition, it is the duty of the ‘responsible person’ to ensure that sufficient safety measures are in place for their visitors. Visitors should consult any available safety literature on site, information pertaining to any fire risk assessments. They should also be aware of any signage, exit points and assembly points in the event of an evacuation.

Contractors working on site

In circumstances where contractors are working on the site. Depending on the conditions of the work being carried out, it may be necessary for a temporary risk assessment. Not only to ensure contractors working on the site are safe, but their actions don’t endanger others. Construction work can also cause hazards in the event of a fire, for example, equipment or materials left blocking exit routes. Any work with the electrics, which may have an impact on any wired alarm systems. Should have full testing of the various components after the construction work has finished.

All contractors visiting a business should be informed of all the safety measures in place and asked to abide by them.


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