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07 Mar Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training, why is this important?

Fire extinguisher training should be a vital part of your fire safety plan. A good programme is essential to ensure that injury is not caused by using the wrong extinguisher or in the wrong way.

If an extinguisher is used in the wrong way, it could cause the fire to get out of control. By using the wrong CO2 can cause your fingers to either burn or freeze.

During an emergency situation people can panic and feel under pressure, this is where good fire safety training can help. However, the training should be specific to the environment in which it could be used. In warehouses with flammable gases, for example, or a laboratory, the training should be adapted to that specific area.  Each member of the staff should receive the training and new employees at your soonest opportunity.  In addition, staff should be fully trained on fire safety and how to use an extinguisher.  This process should be repeated often in order for everyone to be aware of what to do in the event of an emergency situation.




Before using any extinguisher it is important that you are using the right type of the right fire. For example, do not use a water extinguisher on an electrical fire. One size certainly does not fit all, by using the incorrect extinguisher could make it worse or even spread. Each fire is classed differently, there are extinguishers for each different class and each should be marked clearly to show what it should be used for.


Fire Wardens Training

All companies should have a designated warden, to take action in the event of a fire. Extra training should be carried out for the fire warden to ensure they can supervise the safety plan. Furthermore, it is the designated person responsibility to ensure that staff and visitors leave the building safely. Training should be given to creating awareness of potential issues, for example, any people which may need extra help leaving the building. Choosing the right person is equally important, they need to be able to react to a situation, quickly with composure.

Safe and Sure Courses

We run a selection of courses for both fire wardens and staff, with an objective to provide both knowledge and an understanding of the risks and prevention. Our training course gives staff an understanding of the legal requirements. In addition, we explain how to use equipment and habitual behaviour during a situation. You can find out more about these one our dedicated page or call us on 0191 378 1153.



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