Holiday Homes Fire Extinguishers & Fire Alarms


21 Aug Holiday Homes Fire Extinguishers & Fire Alarms

Holiday Homes Fire Regulations – Fire Extinguishers, Alarms etc

When it comes to holiday homes fire regulations you need to be compliant especially if you are renting out your premises.

Both fire extinguishers and alarms offer first class protection for your holiday home and business.

Each year homes, holiday homes, and businesses suffer due to the loss of equipment, data, and valuables. Therefore ensuring you have the right protection for your holiday home and business is essential.

Do you rent out your holiday home?

If you have paying guests, then the fire safety law applies to you and you must take action. Fire safety law applies if anyone pays to stay in your property. Unless they are living there as a permanent home.

If you provide the following:

Guest accommodation – B&B’s, guest houses, farmhouses, pubs/restaurants with rooms, lodges/caravans you rent out.

This is not a full list just a guide, our team can advise you on the range of fire safety equipment you will need for your specific premises, and carry out a full fire risk assessment.

Taking the time to carry out a fire risk assessment protects both you, your guests and the building.

Here are a few things to think about if you are renting out your holiday home.

What is a hazard? How could a fire start at your premises? e.g. naked flames, heaters, electrical equipment, smoking, matches, candles etc.
How quickly could a fire spread, what could burn easy? e.g. laundry, curtains, furniture, cooking oil, petrol, fuel, gas, rubbish etc. What are your walls made of i.e wood, hardboard, chipboard, plastic? What is the ceiling made from? Is there polystyrene tiles etc?
Who is at risk? Basically, if you have a fire everyone is, young children, elderly, people with disabilities how easy can they escape the fire.
How many plans have you put in place to keep people safe? Is all your electrical equipment in good working order, do you regularly have it tested? What fire detection systems are in place,? What fire protection do you have? What are the fire drill procedures and exit routes are they all clearly marked?
At Safe and Sure our team can take away the worry of this by carrying out a full fire risk assessment of your premises. After carrying out the assessment, we will give you written documentation to ensure your premises are both risk-free and fire safety compliant.

Finally, if you run a holiday park, we can look after your whole parks fire risk assessments and carry out fire safety training for your staff. Please ask for a written quotation today!

You can also find out more at Gov.UK



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