Buying A Fire Extinguisher


27 Jan Buying A Fire Extinguisher

Is it really cheaper buying a fire extinguisher on the internet?

When buying your fire extinguisher on-line it can sometimes look very competitive compared to service providers.

However, there are a few things that need to be considered to evaluate the true cost.

The product price and delivery may seem reasonable, however other services maybe optional and are certainly worth looking out for.

  • Call out charges
  • Installation, inspection, labelling and certification per extinguisher

Additional questions you need to ask yourself


Does the internet supplier have liability insurance? If they don’t who will you claim from if things go wrong?

Does the supplier of the fire extinguishers have efficacy insurance cover?  (Efficacy insurance covers the failure to perform)

Is the installation/commissioning carried out by sub contractors? (In a lot of cases this answer is yes)

Have you seen the sub contractors liability insurance?

Is the company that is carrying out the installation/commissioning ISO registered?

Is the company doing the installation and commissioning BAFE approved?

Do you have any proof of the competency of the supplier?

What Health & Safety Policies does the company have in place?

What is the guarantee on the product?

Does the company take away your waste and have a waste carriers license?  Did you know, that you are responsible for the safe and legal disposal of the waste, the fines can be up to £1,000 per cylinder, therefore it is very important that your waste is disposed of in the correct way.


So what is the true cost of buying a fire extinguisher from a non- proven source

You will probably only find out the true cost from a non proven source when it is required in a real life fire situation. When browsing products can often be substituted by the selling company, how do you find out if this is the case though?

Fire authorities investigate when there is a fire, they will prosecute where there are breaches of the Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety Order 2005). Proof needs to be shown for competency for the organisation which is supplying and maintaining the fire equipment as part of the investigation.

Insurance companies will also investigate any claims and they too will want to see proof of competency for the organisation supplying and maintaining the equipment. If you cannot prove that you have compiled with the Fire Safety Order 2005, that requires that you ensure the competence of service, product providers and meet the recognised standard codes of practice for the provision of fire fighting equipment, then you could have problems getting a full insurance payment.

By purchasing your fire extinguishers and equipment from a proven source. A source which is third party accredited, BAFE approved, hold’s the appropriate liability and efficacy insurances. A company that has trained and qualified personnel, with on going training and is audited for quality of service, delivers, commissions and installs the equipment using a competent technician. Then you are compliant for the provision of fire fighting equipment under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

How do i find out more information regarding this?

You can visit the Fire Industry Association to find out more, or call us for a free survey of your premises.



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