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28 Sep Warehouse Fire Prevention

Warehouse Fire Safety & Prevention Important information for warehouse fire safety and prevention. Warehouse fires have made the news on numerous occasions. They are devastating for business, not only do they destroy your stock and cause downtime, they are also putting your employees at risk. To help...

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28 Jul Fire Alarms & Regular Testing

The importance of fire alarms, regular testing & maintenance If your business has had fire alarm installed, it is extremely important that all fire alarms are regularly maintained and tested.  Overtime the electronics within the fire alarm can get damaged, compromised or are degraded. Dust, dirt,...

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06 Aug Fire Extinguishers Guide

Our Fire Extinguishers Guide The Fire extinguishers guide shows that this product is a very important part of fire protection. Various types of extinguisher are available. However it is essential, that the correct fire extinguishers are used in the case of a fire. Points to be aware of when having...

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