The impact of fire on businesses


02 Jul The impact of fire on businesses

When it comes to the actual impact of fire in businesses, there are other negative consequences which can occur. Reputation and perception of the companies brand on top of the obvious risks such as loss of life can all be affected.

Unfortunately, in the unfortunate event of a fire some businesses never recover. Below are a few of the circumstances of how a fire can interrupt a business and its service.

Impact of fire where premises which are no longer accessible

In the event of the business premises being no longer accessible the company may not be able to continue trading. In-turn this will result in loss of revenue, this does not just affect businesses which have passing trade. It can affect any business which is not operating from its usual premises. Even in the event of temporary accommodation, businesses can still suffer a disruption to the normal services ending up in complaints or loss of business.

Impact of fire with temporary premises

Businesses who have insurance in place, can still have their business effected by moving into temporary accommodation. Unfortunately, the move itself, plus the time to get systems and machinery up and running, can end up being a costly delay to the company.

Loosing data

Losing data can be absolutely devastating to businesses, especially where companies don’t have offsite backups in place.

Prevention against disruption in the event of a fire

With any type of fire prevention in a business, measures should be put in place to help avoid the interruption of business. Incorporating strategies to help slow down any destruction of the premises and property. Giving people time to escape and allowing time for the emergency services to arrive.

Fire walls, fire resistant glass, fire doors, sprinklers and extinguishers are just a few of the ways to slow down a fire, helping make it less devastating in conjunction with other fire protection methods. Protecting the fire from spreading and slowing it down can help minimise disruption to the business.

Fire Risk Assessments

Here at Safe and Sure Fire Protection, we carry out fire risk assessments in order to help you identify any hazards or risks within your business.

We undertake a comprehensive fire risk assessment providing you with the documentation to ensure your business is fire risk and fire safety compliant.

Finally, if you would like a fire risk assessment of your business carrying out, please call us on 0191 3781153 or contact us through our contact form.

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