Bespoke fire safety training courses in the North East


01 Apr Bespoke fire safety training courses in the North East

Does your business require fire safety training courses in the North East?

If the answer is yes, in this article you can discover how our fire safety training courses can benefit your North East business.


Who should attend a Fire safety training course?

When it comes to employing staff, the actions of their employees could be crucial to the safety of others and the building premises. Therefore all employees should receive basic fire safety induction training and attend regular refresher sessions.

All employees and contractors coming to your premises should be aware of the fire emergency procedures, plans and escape routes.  In some places of work employees should be appointed as fire marshalls and additional training given.

Fire Marshalls  Fire Safety Training Courses

Fire Marshalls fire safety training courses are for nominated members of your business. The objective of the Fire Marshalls training course is to provide key members of staff both knowledge and understanding of fire safety procedures and the prevention of fire. This will in turn give the dedicated Fire Marshall the training required to both lead and coordinate during a fire evacuation.  The dedicated person will also have a clear understanding of the legal requirements regarding fire safety. This person will be able to use the fire equipment and explain the habitual human behaviour when it comes to the events during a fire.

Topics we include in the Fire Marshalls Fire Safety Training Course are:

  • Understanding Fire Safety
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • The Legislation around fire
  • How to use the fire equipment
  • The practicing of fire procedures
  • Written assessments

We offer a range of fire safety training courses to suit the individual needs and requirements of businesses around the North East. If you require specific training in a particular area of fire safety. Please call our team today on 0191 378 1153 we carry out training for many businesses in the North East such as:

  • Local councils
  • Retailers
  • Offices/leisure industry
  • Factories/Industry
  • Contracting firms

No matter how small or large your business, we can develop fire safety training courses to suit your individual needs and requirements.

How do i find out more about your courses?

You can either visit our dedicated page or call us on 0191 378 1153 for a free no obligation quotation

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