Warehouse Fire Prevention


28 Sep Warehouse Fire Prevention

Warehouse Fire Safety & Prevention

Important information for warehouse fire safety and prevention.

Warehouse fires have made the news on numerous occasions. They are devastating for business, not only do they destroy your stock and cause downtime, they are also putting your employees at risk. To help make sure fire is not a risk in your warehouse check out our top 5 safety tips.

Do not overload pallet racking, it can be a serious fire hazard. With more stock to burn in a condensed space, overloaded pallets can be the difference between controlling the fire and it spreading further.

Ensure your staff have the correct fire safety training. Staff need to be aware of the fire risks and of what they can do to try and control them.

  1. Ensure all your staff at least take part in a Level 1 fire safety course. Designated fire marshalls will need to be more equipped with a Level 2.
  2. Implement a procedure to follow in the event of a fire, ensure everyone is aware of the location of fire equipment for example extinguishers and are aware of the evacuation plan in place.
  3. Ensure any smoking shelters are located well away from the building and flammable materials. Properly signposted designated smoking areas should be put in place to avoid any confusion. Ensure there is a safe area for staff to dispose of their cigarette ends.
  4. Make sure that all employees are aware of the different materials and which extinguisher should be used for the type of fire they are handling.
  5. Display racking weight limit notices should be put up on all racking to avoid overloading.

Take note of any high-risk areas where flammable materials are stored. Additional safeguards may be required such as sprinkler systems and sensitive alarms for these areas as well as fire extinguishers etc.

In addition, to the inventory, you should ensure that your machinery is properly maintained, this is very important for staying compliant and the prevention of fires.

End of day fire safety inspections

An inspection should be carried out at the end of each day to make sure there is nothing which could cause a fire.

Check to see if the premises are clear of losing combustible materials, Is all the waste which is awaiting disposal in a secure and secluded place? Are gas cylinders safely stored away? Are all fire doors, exits and equipment unobstructed? Is the entry points to your building well secured? Are all electronics switched off including machinery? Are all flammable liquids stored securely? Where warehouses operate on a 24-hour basis you could follow these checks at the end of each shift.

Fire risk assessments

We carry out fire risk assessments for businesses throughout the Northeast for many factories and warehouses. If you would like us to call out and access your premises, please get in touch. Furthermore, we also offer fire safety training courses, to ensure all your staff have the right training for your business. Please visit our fire safety training page to find out more.


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