Fire Risk Assessments & Responsibility


17 Mar Fire Risk Assessments & Responsibility

Whos responsibility is a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is something that every company should have in place. It is essential for the safety for all in the individuals and belongings in the building. However the responsibility for the fire risk assessment can often be confusing, this article helps to clear this up.

Which individuals are responsible for a fire risks assessment?

The responsibility of fire risk assessments often falls in to multiple peoples hands. According the the UK government website, it is stated that, owners, employers, landlords, occupiers and also anyone with a control of the premises are responsible for fire safety of the facility. We find in shared premises a risk assessor is most commonly responsible to avoid conflict between the building.

An experienced fire risk assessor can also be brought out for those who do not feel confident in assessing the situation themselves and they shall be taught how to maintain the assessment in future. Despite the downside that hiring a person comes with expenses, it can be the best option as it ensures a thorough risk assessment has been done and can allow the company to have trust in their facilities. The assessment shall be followed by a full report with proof of it taking place and all areas covered, that may have been missed if completed alone.

What factors are included in a fire risk assessment?

Now we know which individuals are responsible, what is actually involved in the job? When carrying out an assessment, we advise to follow certain steps in order.
1. Evaluate and identify what could be a fire hazard.
2. From this, identify individuals that may be at risk.
3. Where possible, try to reduce the risks (this may involve spacing flammable objects away from highest risk areas and exists so that it is as safe as possible).
4. Prepare emergency exists and fire extinguishers in accessible places. This should also be a point where emergency services are contacted if the first attempt has failed.
5. Review and ensure that the risk assessment is up to date and all staff are aware of any drills.

What should you do if you are responsible for the fire risk assessments?

If you have opted to control your fire risk assessments yourself, there are a few steps that can ensure that you areĀ  completing your job to the best standard.
* Regular reviews. Although it may be a time consuming job for larger buildings, regularity is the key to safety. The more regular the reviews are done the easier it is to spot an issue that may arise in a safe environment, rather than in an actual crisis.
* Inform staff. Staff members should be gathered and informed of all drills and safety measures in place, alongside what their role would be in an emergency. This can be printed and placed in staff areas and should be revisited every time a new staff member joins.
* Have a plan. A plan for an emergency is vital for keeping you and other safe. Staff should also be informed of their role in this and any necessary training should be provided.

If you would like us to carry out a fire risk assessments on your building, please get in touch.

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