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23 Nov Fire Safety Courses

The importance of fire safety courses

Why fire safety courses are essential for your business?

If you are the owner/director of a business or control a commercial property. You are required by law to help protect anyone who works, lives or visits your premises from the threat of fire. This process involves assessing risks and specific hazards which maybe present within your environment. It is your responsibility to install the correct fire safety measures for example, fire alarms, equipment, extinguishers and emergency lighting where necessary.

In the event of a fire,  your designated employees must be trained with the right knowledge to evacuate people out of the building in both a safe and effective manner.

In the world we are living in today it has become more important than ever to ensure your business has the right fire safety procedures and equipment in place.  Staff need to be well trained and prepared to handle the situation should a fire ever occur.


Our Fire Safety Training Courses

Our fire safety courses are designed to give our customers flexibility, we tailor-make individual courses to suit your business and its requirements.

We deliver all our fire safety courses at your own premises at a convenient time to suit you.  At Safe and Sure Fire Protection, we offer a range of different fire safety courses for Fire Marshall’s including staff and management training courses.

Fire Marshall’s Fire Safety Courses

Our fire marshall’s courses are for nominated members of staff which are Fire Marshall’s. The objective is to provide the Fire Marshall with a good knowledge and understanding of the risks involved with fire and the prevention of it.

Our course will give individuals the training which is required to lead and coordinate employees and visitors should an evacuation be required. In our courses we provide the fire marshall’s with a understanding of any legal requirements and cover how the fire equipment should be used.

Fire Safety Courses – Staff & Management

Our staff and management training courses, provide your employees with a good understanding of the legal obligations involved with fire safety in the workplace. Our fire safety courses will provide the information and knowledge required to maintain the required standards for fire safety in the workplace.

If you would like to see all the topics covered on our courses, please visit our Fire Safety Training Courses page. 


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