Construction Fire Safety Risks


18 Jul Construction Fire Safety Risks

Fire safety risks in a construction site

Construction sites can sometimes be the recipe for disaster, especially in the situation a fire. This can be highly dangerous, not only to delaying the construction on site, but to the workers lives. Construction sites can be especially vulnerable due to the nature of the materials found on site. This can include insulating materials, heaters and timber.

Fire Safety starts with the workers

The first step towards a safer site is to start with the workers. Workers must be informed of a clear health and safety plan in case of a fire or emergency. This can help save the site and what could be countless lives. A step towards this safer site begins with safety signs;
  • Dangerous substance signs. This is one of the most important signs to have on a site. Highlighting the dangers of nothing flammable on liquids and gasses.
  • Fire exit symbols. Even after the workers have been debriefed through a fire safety plan, keeping exits marked to keep people safe in the panic of a fire can be vital.
  • Fire extinguisher signs. These signs are ideal to help the workers in a small fire if evacuation is not possible or if they become trapped. Bright signs nearby as well as on the extinguisher itself can help in locating in a panic situation.
  • Caution signs. Yellow caution signs show where the dangers of the site are. It can show not only to workers but to visitors where they should avoid or take care as it is a very universally recognised sign.
Alongside these signs we reconvened a few other features to keep safety at the highest level. Fire alarms, that are checked on a regular basis are essential. Without this, especially on larger sites, it can be difficult to get the clear message of danger out, and can have devastating consequences.
Also ensuring emergency lighting is in place if night time winter month work is taking place. If a fire breaks out in the dark or electricity is cut, exits can still be seen which keeps the workers safe.
Finally, if you would like more information on Fire Safety in the construction industry, please get in touch.
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