Importance of Fire Detection Systems


25 Jan Importance of Fire Detection Systems

Importance of Fire Detection Systems in the UK

As so much of our lives has changed with COVID-19, something that has not is the importance of fire detection systems. No matter which industry you work within it is hugely important to have these life saving systems in place.

People who have experienced the devastating consequences of fire will explain it becomes a matter of act now or never again. Spotting a fire at it’s earliest point reduces the chances of fatalities. Although you may feel that you yourself have not been impacted, a huge eight billion pounds of damaged by fire is caused in the UK alone, some of which could have been prevented with fire detection systems in place.

So why should you install a fire detection system?

Fire detection systems reduces recovery time.
As it aims to detect fire at its earliest stage, the issue can be resolved before it starts to spread to a more deadly and dangerous fire. This reduces the amount of debris and damage that has to be recovered which in turn also helps financially in your fire recovery journey.

Fire detection systems have saved peoples lives

The most important point as to why you should install a system comes down to the people that you could save. As a business owner it should be a priority to keep staff and customers safe, just as a homeowner must keep themselves and their family safe. The detection system allows people who are in the building to safely evacuate in good time, getting them to safety sooner rather than later.

They automatically notify emergency services

One of the most tragic events in a fire is when help cannot arrive at the correct times. People are in a state of panic and may not even have access to mobile photos as they desperately try to flee. By having a fire detection system in place, it allows a safe and panic free evacuation and also a guarantee that help is notified and on its way faster than what it would have been manually.

It is necessary to keep you legally compliant

The UK government have recognised fire detection systems as a huge asset to keeping people safe from fires, it is now required to have one installed.

Finally, if you require a survey of your premises for fire detection systems, please get in touch.

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