Maintaining fire extinguishers


02 Jun Maintaining fire extinguishers

Maintaining fire extinguishers  in the North East

When it comes to maintaining fire extinguishers, if they are looked after they can last for twenty years plus, many fire extinguishers don’t have an expiry date on them. It is essential however to have regular maintenance carried out to keep them in good working order.

Regular maintenance of fire extinguishers

With regular maintenance of a fire extinguisher it could last twenty years plus.  Having regular inspections and tests can help save it from damage, rust and corrosion, prolonging the lifespan.

Hydrostatic testing is another important test, this is where the cylinder is emptied and re-filled with coloured water, after it is brought up to pressure. The parts, shell, hose and nozzle all need to be able to stand the pressure for a short period in order to pass the test, these types of tests should be carried out at least every five years.

In addition, monthly inspections should be carried out to ensure they are holding a charge. Furthermore, each year professional inspections must be carried out this also should involve them being emptied with every 10 years them being re-charged.

When should they be changed

Regular checks should be carried out for warning signs, that they need replacing.

Signs are as follows:

  • If the device can no longer be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual.
  • If it was was made by a company which is no longer operating
  • The hose or nozzle is blocked with debris or cracked
  • The locking pin on the handle is either unsealed or missing
  • Broken or unsteady handle
  • No inspection sticker on the extinguisher with a record of checkups and maintenance.

If you are unsure about your fire extinguishers, please call us and arrange an appointment.

Fire protection in the North East

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