Fire Extinguisher Expiry Dates


17 Jan Fire Extinguisher Expiry Dates

Has your fire extinguisher expired?

Something that a lot of people are unaware of is that fire extinguishers have an expiration date. However as inconvenient as it is, a lot of extinguishers do not come with an expiry date, therefore how do you know if you are in need of a replacement?

When was the last service?

Fire extinguishers can last for many years when they are well maintained. Fire extinguishers are serviced usually annually, and the date the extinguisher was manufactured can often be traced back here. powder, foam or water extinguishers are due a replacement or extended service after 5 years, whereas a C02 extinguisher is 10 years. Any rust or corrosion to the outside of the extinguisher is an immediate sign a replacement is needed and it may be more staled than initially thought.

Is the extinguisher outdated?

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of how long you have your fire extinguisher, especially in older buildings where it has been provided when taken over. Although these may still function, they may not meet the new modern safety standards of today. If your fire extinguisher can no longer be serviced at the manufacturers a replacement is due.

If you feel as though you have any worries about your extinguisher, seek professional advice. Service teams are often happy to help and will be able to let you know when it is time to recharge or replace. However there are some signs for you to look out for that indicate there is an issue that needs to be looked at and can all by spotted by a simple inspection:
* A blocked nozzle
* The needle is in the red zone on the pressure gauge
* A broken handle
* Missing maintenance documents
* A broken security seal
* A missing head cap locking pin

Finally, if you have any further questions, please get in touch

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