Preventing False Fire Alarms


10 Dec Preventing False Fire Alarms

False Fire Alarms Ways Of Preventing Them

When it comes to preventing false fire alarms, there are various reasons in which they could be triggered. Here are a few of them in our recent article below.

Avoiding accidental alarms

Ensure that there is no chance that your fire alarms can’t be accidentally pulled. Consideration should be made for installing plastic covers to prevent this, our team at Safe and Sure can help advise you regarding these.

Make sure that signs are clearly shown in places for example toilets where people may use electronic cigarettes (vapes). Informing people not to vape in these areas.

Ensure you are a reliable qualified company inspect your fire alarms

Using a certified expert to test your systems and maintain them can help you avoid crucial issues or even triggering them whilst working on them. Safe and sure fire protection comply to the latest fire regulations and carry out servicing generally twice a year to our customers. Ensure you enrol in one of our fire alarm maintenance contracts to help prevent false alarms and keep everyone safe.

Surge protectors

Power surges can also lead to false activation and even damage to the electrical components. Although there is not a lot you can do in these circumstances you could consider adding a surge protector to the control panel. Please ask our team for more information regarding these.

Installing the correct ventilation

In shower rooms and laundry rooms where steam is present you need to have the right type of fire alarm detectors installed. A qualified fire alarm installer can advise you of this, otherwise you will find you could be having quite a lot of false alarms triggered.

Finally, if you have any concerns with regards to your fire alarms or their maintenance. Please call us to arrange a Fire Risk Assessment today on 0191 378 1153

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