Christmas Fire Protection

05 Nov Christmas Fire Protection

Fire protection for businesses at Christmas

When it comes to Christmas Fire Protection most businesses expect increased footfall at this time of the year. Add that to warehouses and retailers processing a higher level of Christmas orders. Spaces can be filled up with boxes and deliveries in outlets at this time of the year.

Therefore it is important for businesses in the retail sector especially to ensure their Fire Risk Assessments are carried out especially leading up to the holiday season.


Fire Alarm Safety

With more footfall especially in retail outlets and restaurants it is very important that your fire alarms are maintained regular, especially with new businesses opening on the lead up to Christmas sometimes this can get put on the back burner.

A fire risk assessment will specify the type of fire alarm system your business requires. Reputable fire safety providers need to ensure that your fire alarm conforms to the recent British Safety Standards as well as the Fire Safety Order 2005. Don’t cut corners to save money when it comes to fire alarms or infact fire prevention. A poorly fitted alarm cannot be relied on and could malfunction in the event of a fire in turn costing you a lot more money.

Choose an independent accredited supplier of BAFE such as ourselves. BAFE is a symbol of quality.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing of your fire alarm is a legal requirement. If a fire did break out and it was not tested on a regular basis officials would be asking for an explanation. In addition, if people have been injured in the fire the ‘responsible person’ could face large fines or even prison.

Christmas Trees & Lights

If you are putting up Christmas trees and lights at your workplace or retail outlet. Considerations need to be made for fire extinguishers in the event of them causing a fire. You also need to ensure all your fire extinguishers are in good working order. There are five main types of fire extinguishers

  • Water
  • Foam
  • CO2
  • Powder
  • Wet Chemical

Current regulations divide them into different classes Class A, B, C, D and F, electrical fires come in a separate group which was formally known as class

Fire Risk Assessments with Safe and Sure Fire Protection for your business

Finally, if you have any concerns with regards to your businesses fire safety on the lead up to Christmas or any other time of year. Call us for a Fire Risk Assessment today on 0191 378 1153

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