Emergency lighting and maintenance


21 Sep Emergency lighting and maintenance

Emergency Lighting Systems & Maintenance

Emergency lighting is an essential to ensure safety in a working environment for staff and customers. When a mains electricity supply is cut is it important it imposes no danger to anyone in the situation, making emergency lighting so essential.

Maintained emergency lighting

This type of emergency lighting is designed to be continuously alight, alongside when the mains power supply is cut. It works by taking power from the mains power supply and when they comes to a halt, transferring to the back up battery to generate its light.

Non maintained emergency lighting

Unlike maintained, this type of emergency lighting only becomes active when the mains supply is restricted. They are designed so that in an emergency all exits are clearly lit to remove anyone from the situation out of any possible danger. It shall not be active when the mains supply is.

LED emergency lighting

Often viewed as the most efficient emergency lighting due to its long lasting lifespan, also creating a cheaper option. LEDs however only run on back up power, making it essential that it can last the full 3 hour duration it would be required to do so during an emergency, making maintenance important.

Maintenance of emergency lighting

Monthly testing should be carried out in the workplace in order to ensure lighting is functional. This should be done by turning off the mains electrical supply and observing that all lighting is working. An annual test should be done in the same manner, rather than a quick check, this should last the duration of the three hours that it would be required in an emergency, if lights do not remain throughout, a replacement back up battery is required as soon as possible to ensure workers and customers safety

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