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Fire Protection Factories – Common Causes For Fires


When it comes to fire protection in Factories, they can often be more susceptible to fires, especially if they use flammable materials.

Often factories are used for the manufacturing of products. Therefore with a wide variety of machinery tools and products, there can often be more scope for a fire to occur.

Fire protection factories, here are just a few of the main areas which a fire can occur.

Factory Machinery

All machinery can be susceptible to faults. With minor faults, they can often be fixed easily and quickly. However, when it comes to the case of fluid spillages, sparks from the machinery can often quickly turn the spillage into a fire if it is not cleaned up immediately.

Factory Stock

Many products are often stored in factories which can be flammable. Items such as liquids, materials, cardboard boxes, paper, clothing, furniture etc. Just one small spark can prove to be devasting in many different ways. In these types of environments, fires can spread very quickly.

Electrical Faults

With machinery constantly in use, this can put a strain on electrical systems, in the event of them overloading an electrical fire could start and spread quickly throughout the factory.

Staff Kitchens/Canteens

A risk in many workplaces with the use of cooking appliances. All staff need to be responsible for these items, they can often be one of the main causes of the fire. Appliances should not be left on overnight or food left unattended.

Fire Extinguishers and Equipment In Factories

In all the above instances, it is essential you have the right fire extinguishers and equipment in place for each eventuality of a fire. There is not a one type fits all fire extinguisher for example.  Specific fire extinguishers are recommended to use with different types of fires. This is where we are here to help advise your business with our fire risk assessments.

Fire Risk Assessments

During our fire risk assessments, we provide clients with a comprehensive fire risk assessment for their factory.  Our fully qualified assessors will carry out a survey of your factory, identifying any potential fire risk. A report will then be produced detailing any requirements necessary to ensure you are fully compliant with all the current regulations.

Furthermore, as well as advising you on fire prevention, we can install any necessary alarms or software if required.

Finally, if you would like to arrange a fire risk assessment for your company, please call us on 0191 378 1153.






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